Why Joe Thornton Is The Best Player In The NHL

No, not just because Drew Remenda says so, although he knows way more about hockey than you or I!

Joe Thornton is the best player in the NHL today. Sure, there are players better in one aspect of the game, such as a Sidney Crosby when it comes to being a sniper. But overall? No one comes even close. No one.

Given how Jonathan Cheechoo and Patrick Marleau have been MIA all year, the Sharks being as high as they are rests entirely on the shoulders of two players: Thornton and Evgeni Nabokov who has been playing way better than he's usually given credit for by Sharks fans, who tend to be a sadly negative lot for some reason.  But back to Thornton.

Consider the last game against Dallas.  While the oh-wow threaded needle unbelievable pass to Marleau on his goal was one for the ages, the pass he made to Milan Michalek (who's also been noticeable to his absence in the action lately) enabling him to set up Thornton for his goal was almost as impressive.  Two brilliant plays in one night, accompanied by working his butt off on every shift at both ends of the ice?  For some players that'd be a good week.  For most, a good month.  Thornton does it every night.

That's why Joe Thornton is the best player in the NHL.