[Open Thread] Game Eighty-One: San Jose Sharks at Los Angeles Kings

I am so thankful next year's schedule will have teams meeting division rivals only six times instead of eight. I've seen quite enough of the Kings this year, thank you.

Los Tiburones will no doubt be continuing their recent course of resting players who were this actually the playoffs would be on the ice without hesitation (Jonathan Cheechoo, Craig Rivet) while giving others who don't see a whole lot of playing time the opportunity to work out a bit under game conditions should their services be required during the post-season (Brian Boucher). Or in center Tom Cavanagh's case, a chance to see what a player can do when he's with the big boys for the first time ever. Everyone else might try sneaking down the 110 to Carson to catch the Earthquakes in their return (and don't ever leave again, okay?) to MLS.

Okay, let's drop the puck.