And The Sharks Will Meet... Some Hockey Team With A "C" In Their Name

A quick glance at tonight's scores shows the Calgary at Vancouver game going as one would expect a game with one team having some genuine interest in the proceedings and the other having just been eliminated from reaching the post-season to go; i.e. the Flames winning 7-1. This ends their season with 42 wins and 94 points, which will at least temporarily put them into sixth place and Colorado, which will finish its season tomorrow at home against Minnesota. With said game remaining to be played, the Avalanche have 43 wins and 93 points.

If Colorado wins tomorrow, the Sharks will entertain the Flames in the first round, thus explaining why visions of Iginla scoring the game winner in overtime will be haunting all denizens of the Tank as that's how both San Jose-Calgary games played in San Jose this season ended (the teams split in Calgary). San Jose is locked into second, and Dallas as will be demonstrated in a bit is locked into fifth, so tomorrow's game means nothing standings-wise for either club.

Should Colorado win and Dallas be beaten by the Sharks tomorrow, although both teams would end the season with 44 wins and 95 points plus having split the season series, the Stars would remain in fifth place ahead of the Avalanche because Dallas' goal differential for the season (difference between number of goals for and goals against) is at the moment 22 better than Colorado's. It'd be more than impressive for the Avalanche to equal that in one game, but somehow I don't see it happening.

Anyway, as already noted if Colorado wins tomorrow the Sharks will play Calgary in the first round. If Colorado loses in regulation tomorrow, they will play San Jose in the first round. If Colorado loses in overtime tomorrow, although they will have the same number of points as Calgary they will be ahead of the Flames in the standings because they will have one more win, thus they'll be sixth and Calgary will be seventh.

Long story short: Colorado does anything other than lose in regulation tomorrow, it's San Jose versus Calgary. Colorado loses in regulation tomorrow, it's the Sharks and the Avalanche.

In any case, GO SHARKS!