Game Nine Recap: San Jose Sharks 4, Calgary Flames 1

4 1

WOO-HOO!  A complete sixty minute effort from everyone.  Sharks playing the level the hockey they are capable of playing when they put in the work.  Great game all around.  The only downer is Mike Grier's injury.  Hopefully nothing serious.

The perfect tonic for a day spent trying to stay in some kind of contact with friends and co-workers forced to evacuate their homes today due to the fires in southern California.  Of course sports are way, way down the totem pole in importance at times like this, as to be honest they should be all the time.  But sometimes, you need the mini-vacation, the relief from reality that sports can provide.  The world will still be there when the game's over.  However, if you can be more refreshed and ready to take it on, go for it.