Game Twenty-Nine Recap: San Jose Sharks 4, Minnesota Wild 1

1 4

The Sharks are hockey's equivalent of Indiana weather: if you don't like what's currently on hand, just wait fifteen minutes and you'll get something completely different.  Last night's game was yet another example of this.  Thankfully, we got the good Sharks.

It was good to see players usually thought of a supporting cast to the Big Three contributing to the score sheet.  It was heartening to see the team as a whole play strong from beginning to end.  It's maddening beyond words how you never know which team is going to show up on any given night.  Or are we expecting too much?

Whatever the case may be, a thoroughly satisfying win.

P.S.  Bummer that Cheechoo is currently on the shelf, but to be blunt about it given how he's been MIA nine games out of ten this year will he really be missed?