No News Is... No News

Other than "so that's what an earthquake feels like" -- welcome to California hockey, where we bring shaking up the roster to a whole new level -- not much coming out of the Sharks either yesterday or today.  Unless you count the signing of Sandis Ozolinsh tomorrow, which raises the immediate question of where will he fit on the roster.  Do you sit Douglas Murray?  Alexei Semenov?  Danny Miller?  (The latter will make no sense unless you go to a lot of Sharks home games.)  Also, Mike Grier is iffy due to his nagging groin pull, which if he can't go will make for some interesting lineup calls.  Do you switch a defenseman to forward as was happening with Rob Davison before he got hurt a few games ago?  Double-shift a forward?  Call someone else up from Worchester just in case?  Tell SJ Sharkie to grab a stick?  Questions, questions, questions.

Speaking of tomorrow, the Sharks will once again lavish the love on their paying customers by giving all who attend the game against the Kings... a screensaver paid for by Southwest Airlines.  You wonder how the franchise can possibly afford such largess.  I can barely type through my tears of gratitude and joy at present flowing like a river over this exercise in benevolence at the highest level.  NoreallyImeanthat.