[Open Thread] Game Fifty-Nine: San Jose Sharks at New York Islanders

3rd in Pacific Division
5th in Western Conference
5th in Eastern Division
12th in Eastern Conference

All right, let's try this "get the road trip off to a good start" deal again.

The Islanders are a streaky team, having won their last three after losing the previous seven. Aside from one of the more, shall we say, zany owners in all of professional sports the team has Bill Guerin, who did nothing for the Sharks last year as a late-season acquisition and is in the tail end of his career, as their captain. Not sure what else there is to say, other than noting Chris Simon is still a few games away from being eligible to return. Why the Islanders would want him back remains a mystery.

Speaking of captains, if one is to believe the reports coming out of ESPN about the general manager's meeting that starts today, rumors are hot and heavy that Patrick Marleau is on his way out of San Jose, possibly to Florida in exchange for center Olli Jokinen. But y'all know how rumors in the NHL go. Believe nothing until the press release. Meanwhile, Marleau has been placed on IR, but since it's retroactive to February fifth he can come off of it whenever he's ready to play. Which leads to about three dozen "when has he ever been ready to play this season" snarks.

In actual news, the Sharks have called up center Mike Iggulden from Worchester, where he was piling up some more than acceptable numbers, and once again flipped backup goalies as it's now Thomas Griess' turn to sit at the end of the bench watching Evgeni Nabokov. One can safely assume Iggulden will be in the lineup today; wonder what the line combos will be... oh, wait, that's right, Ron Wilson is the coach. All line combos are written on a whiteboard on which the writing surface coating has worn thin from being erased so many times.

Okay, let's drop the puck.