Game Thirty-Eight Recap: San Jose Sharks 5, Nashville Predators 2

5 2

Tonight's game wasn't always a thing of beauty; for example, the first fifteen minutes of the second period had little if anything going offensively.  That said, overall this was a solid workingman's victory.  Everyone actually played rather than taking turns skating, and seeing the defense getting into the scoring picture was sweet.

This is the kind of game you want in your dossier for self-reference when there's a need for one of those "now how do we do this" sessions.  Really, there's only one way to do it as far as winning hockey is concerned:

Do.  The.  Work.

Do the work and don't go for the pretty stuff when it's not there.  Play with an edge; play like you have something to prove.  It's only when the Sharks do this that their high talent level shines.  Tonight they did it.  End result?  As they say on the ice when someone on the team that's behind starts chirping... have you seen the scoreboard.

Good stuff.  Good stuff indeed.