[Open Thread] Game Forty-Two Preview: Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks

1st in Northwest Division
3rd in Western Conference
2nd in Pacific Division
4th in Western Conference

Hmm... let's see here.  Sharks are at home and have had the past three days off.  Oie boie.  Here's hoping they can hold off the double whammy.

The Canucks have been making more news off the ice than on lately, what with goaltender Roberto Luongo skipping the All-Star Game for which he was voted the starter in order to spend time with his pregnant wife, and team ownership finally being settled in court after years of legal wrangling.  Meanwhile, the team itself has been playing good hockey, led (but of course) by the Sedin twins and Luongo.  That said, they're 0-3 against Los Tiburones de San José this season, so hopefully that will be stronger than the aforementioned home plus days off double whammy.  And we'll all get a chance to brush up on "O Canada" before the Maple Leafs come in to town this Saturday.