[Open Thread] Western Conference SF Game Five: Dallas Stars at San Jose Sharks

(Stars lead series 3-1)

Back in the mid '70s, the late Tug McGraw collaborated on a comic strip named Scroogie that I enjoyed. In one of the strips, the baseball team Scroogie was on was trying to catch another team for the pennant. The first three panels each had a different player on the team calling out a rallying cry: "It's do or die!" "It's now or never!" "There's no tomorrow!" The final panel showed Scroogie, a relief pitcher on the team, standing on the mound thinking, "We'd better win this thing soon... we're running out of clichés."

This pretty much sums up tonight's game, which for the Sharks is a now or never/do or die/there's no tomorrow/Sydney or the bush event... again, since they faced the same scenario two days ago. Everyone has to actually play as opposed to showing up, the best players have to be the best players because you know full well the Stars' best players will be on top of it, and all parties concerned have to play the entire game with no nap periods in the middle of a period. Or the beginning or end, for that matter.

Okay, let's drop the puck.