Game Sixty-Four Recap: San Jose Sharks 3, Detroit Red Wings 2

I've never been to Worchester, Massachusetts. For all I know it's a lovely town. However, apparently there is something upsetting or offensive about the place. How else can you explain why it is whenever someone gets called up from Worchester to San Jose, they do most everything possible to convince all concerned parties they should never go back?

After four stints there, Devin Setoguchi has apparently signed on to this belief that when it comes to Worchester, anywhere else is where he'd rather be. To prove his point, he scored twice last night against Detroit. In Detroit, a city that has been about as hospitable to Los Tiburones over the years as Rush Limbaugh to the Democratic Party platform.

Okay, enough with the weak attempts at humor. You can make more than a few arguments against last night's win being of any significance. The Red Wings are racked with injuries, Setoguchi's second goal shouldn't have counted, blah blah blah. But y'know? Doesn't matter.

A win is a win. Period. Right now, the Red Wings aren't up to the challenges they're facing. Yet they're still dangerous. The Sharks came out on top. That's what is important. Period.