[Open Thread] Game Twenty-Nine: Minnesota Wild at San Jose Sharks

2nd in Northwest Division
5th in Western Conference
2nd in Pacific Division
4th in Western Conference

Okay, everyone recite along with me...

"Following a disappointing home loss, the Sharks have held spirited practices while preparing for their next opponent.  'We need to stop trying to put on a show for the home fans and concentrate on playing fundamentally sound hockey,' said a player and/or coach.  'We've got to cut down on mental mistakes and come to the game more mentally prepared.'"  Lather (what the fans are working themselves into watching this schizo team), rinse (games like the last one out of our hair), repeat.  Again and again and again and again...

Anyway, the Wild are pretty good.  Los Tiburones had better arrive at the Tank tonight ready to play.  At home, for a change.