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Some More Thoughts On Game Eighteen, Plus The Game Nineteen Recap And An Apology For Not Having...

... an open thread up for tonight's game.  Didn't get home from the day job and assorted errands until after the second period was over!  Grumble grumble wah wah wah poor poor pitiful me.

Anyway, with the exception of the third period in tonight's game, these two games have been a most welcome sign that the Sharks are finally getting it.  Talent alone isn't enough.  You have to work.  Right now, they're working on most every shift.  Which translates into 'it' working, which translates into victories.

It certainly doesn't hurt that Jeremy Roenick is going out of his way to counteract the locker room poison tag he's had for the past few years, being the good citizen and taking Mutt & Jeff a/k/a Devin Setoguchi and Torrey Mitchell under his wing.  Speaking of Setoguchi... wow.  It's probably not realistic to expect him to keep up his current pace (six goals in eight career games; four goals in the past three games including tonight), but he's making quite the favorable first impression as a scorer who also takes care of business on the defensive side of things.  Mitchell has three goals in the past four games.  Ah, youth.

The Sharks finish their mini-road trip tomorrow night in Phoenix, which is a good thing since after all they and the Coyotes haven't seen each other in such a long time... oh, wait, that's right...