Shark Bait (11/13/2008 SJ vs CGY)

On tap tonight, SJ vs Calgary. Always a heated match up. After a wild and entertaining playoff series last year, it will be interesting to see what level of intensity both teams bring. They both have something to prove, and these sort of narratives almost always make for excellent hockey.

On to the news.

Cheechoo aiming to return Thursday (SJ Merc):


Injured right wing Jonathan Cheechoo might be back in the Sharks' lineup Thursday against Calgary, but it looks as if it will take a little longer for goalie Evgeni Nabokov to return.

Nabokov did not skate Tuesday and said he didn't know when he would be on the ice again.

"I think we'll take it a day at a time and see how it is, because it's been a different feeling every day," said Nabokov, who spent about 10 minutes on the ice Monday. "It's all going forward "... but it's not getting much better."


Holy crap. This is not good news. Hopefully Nabby can get his leg back underneath him and get back on the ice. Boucher is doing a serviceable job, but he is not Nabby. No way, no how.


Sharks' Mitchell making progress (SJ Merc):


A bare-footed Torrey Mitchell was in the Sharks' locker room at HP Pavilion this week demonstrating that, if he walks slowly, his limp no longer shows.He talked about how he can ride an exercise bike. He has been "running" sprints in a pool while wearing a flotation belt. And, of course, Mitchell is very happy that he ditched the crutches.


Hey, perhaps we'll get him back sooner rather than later. I know for sure over the last couple of games that we could have used his speed and energy.


Feel free to post any links you feel I missed, as I really just went and looked over Yahoo! and SJ Merc. I'd like for this to be as much of a community thing as it is a "me dumping a couple interesting links every few days" thing.


Please feel free to use the comments as an area to discuss news and things going on around the league as well. If you provide a link, I feel like we may be able to have some delicious discussions.


Later days.

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