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[Open Thread] Sharks Gameday: Kind of Blue

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7:30 PST
5-6-0, 10 points
11-2-0, 22 points
5th in Central Division
1st in Pacific Division

The St. Louis Blue come into The Tank tonight (wait for it, wait for it) singing the blues. At one point during this young season the Blues were the league leaders in goals scored, but alas, the tides have turned. St. Louis has bumbled their way to a 1-5 record in their last six games. In that time they have been outscored 20-12, the latest of which came last night at the hands of the Anaheim Ducks. Whenever Ryan Getzlaf pots a goal 190 feet away into an empty net you know you're in trouble. I guess you could make the case they are (wait again for it, wait again for it) kind of blue.

Ah, nothing like a Miles Davis reference to get the night started. "But Mr. Plank, it seems so contrived and obvious for you to do such a thing. Don't you have anything else to bring to the table? You're washed up."

Maybe so. But one thing that hasn't washed up on shore yet is the San Jose Sharks (see how I change the subject so effortlessly? Hell I could run for public office). Compiling a league-leading 22 points through thirteen games, San Jose has displayed the sort of tenacity usually reserved for the ocean-dwelling creatures that inspired the team name.

It's safe to say Todd McLellan knows how to treat a city right on the first date.

Prediction: Sharks win 4-2. Goals by Pavelski, Thornton, Vlasic, and Blake. I listen to Miles Davis all night while drinking red wine, trying in vain to be a symbol of witticism.

Go Sharks.