Shark Bait (12/9/08)

Hello, folks, and welcome to another poorly written edition of the classic sharks link dump, Shark Bait!



- For starters, USA Today has a doozy on just how fantastic Setoguchi has been playing on the top line with Marleau and Thornton. It's pretty gross, man. The kid is filthy. These guys score at will, and consistently bring entertainment to the top of periods. Don't forget to get your asses over to the and VOTE FOR SETOGUCHI!


- I didn't know anything about this, but apparently rookie Tom Cavanagh
debuted on thursday. Pretty awesome, to be able to play with Lemieux for a warm up, get called up and play along side Roenick. That's HISTORY, man!


- Merc News has a couple captain obvious articles up, one crediting some of our incredible early season success to the newcoming veterans. Another that makes way too much out of how the sharks decide to puck up ice. Both are very interesting reads, but it just goes to show you that it's much easier to talk about a team when they're terrible. Haha.


- Please lets give a Fear the Fin welcome to new SB Nation blog, Battle of California. These guys are a staple of California Hockey, and have been around since I can remember caring about hockey, which to be fair, isn't very long.


- I'm gonna go ahead and close this one by just pointing out that the sharks are legitimately incredible to watch right now. Enjoy it. I can't even post power rankings because the sharks are #1 everywhere. Haha. It's a great time to be a sharks fan. I know, all we can think about is that dreaded 2nd round. Let's hope the injury bug doesn't eat us up.




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