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2009 Playoffs

Updated 2009 Playoff Pick Em Standings

2009 Playoff Pick Em: Stanley Cup Finals

Preview of the Pens-Wings Stanley Cup Finals rematch.

Unpublished Articles From A Postseason Past

An article that never was- St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks postseason preview.

2009 Playoff Pick Em!: Conference Finals

Playoff Pick Em!: The Round That's Gonna Hurt To Watch


Final thoughts on the 2009 Sharks season.


Sharks Playoff Gameday: It Just Takes One

Sharks Playoff Gameday: Game six.

Game 5 Wrap Up: GO SHARKS

Sharks Playoff Gameday: Your Open Thread

Chronicling The Heartbreak And Other Assorted Tomfoolery

Game 4 Wrap Up: Pathetic

Sharks v, Ducks: Game 4 Wrap up.

Sharks Playoff Gameday: Part Two

Sharks vs. Ducks Game Four Preview.

Game 3 Wrap Up: Us, worried? Pshaa.

Sharks v. Ducks Game Three Wrap Up.


Thoughts on game three of San Jose @ Anaheim

Sharks Playoff Gameday: Part One

Game Three of Sharks-Ducks.


The playoffs aren't about anything else but surviving. San Jose needs to do just that.

Game 2 Wrap Up: "Puck Luck"

No "Puck Luck" leads to a 2 game hole for the Sharks.

Sharks Playoff Gameday: Pressure Cooker

Lots of positives from game one, but at this point you're looking for W's. Anaheim @ San Jose, game two of the WCQF.

Game 1 Wrap Up: What to say...

Sharks v. Ducks, game 1 wrap up.

Honeymoon's Over, Folks

Thoughts on game one of the WCQF: Anaheim Ducks 2, San Jose Sharks 0.

Sharks Playoff Gameday: Buckle Your Seatbelts

A game one preview of the Sharks vs. Ducks first round series.

Twenty Four Hours

A call to arms.

The Long and Winding Road

Another look at the Anaheim-San Jose series for the 2009 NHL playoffs.

Playoff Pick Em!: Where Picking Teams Is Better Than Picking Your Nose

San Jose vs. Anaheim: A First Round First Look

Sharks vs. Ducks First Round Preview

Thank You

A thank you to the readers of Fear The Fin.