My Sharks History

My devotion to the San Jose Sharks comes not from a magical moment of clarity where the light from heaven guided me to the steps of the HP Pavilion. Twas not an incredible goal, save, epic win, or scoring streak that instantly branded me for life with a teal poker. No sirs (and madams), I am a San Jose Sharks fan because I was born one. (Calculations wise, that's not completely true seeing as the Sharks were founded 2 years after my actual birth, but let's let that one slide, mmkay?)

My first day of Shark fandom comes from something I can't even remember. It was January of 1992 and my dad and brothers had just burst through the door after attending a Sharks game at the Cow Palace. My brother ran over to me to show me the polaroid picture (!) he took of the Sharks' new mascot. Analyzing the picture of this man in a Sharks costume (although I thought it was a real shark in hockey gear, the story of me finding out it was all a SHAM happened many years later, and was rather traumatic), my 2 year old mind must have established that he was pretty badass. I then, according to my father's account of this epic evening, declared myself to be on a hungerstrike until my demand of attending a game and meeting this SJ Sharkie creature in the flesh was recognized. ThankfuIly, they gave in quickly, and I was back to eating my Zwiebeck crackers before my tummy started to rumble. And there began a life long love fest between Team Teal and I (admittedly, it took a few more years for me to actually enjoy the game of hockey itself, and not just Sharkie and the cool jerseys and being loud and obnoxious at games). 

I can't remember the time before I was a Sharks fan. I've always been. I always will be :]


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