My Sharks History

Enjoyed reading everyone elses. So I'll pitch in.

Born and raised in San Jose. Parents took us to a Sharks game when they finally came down to SJ after the Cow Palace years.  Loved it. Probably because the A's were sucking it up and well, a playoff hockey team was way more exciting to me than a sub-.500 baseball team to a 13-year-old.

Started following the team religiously on TV and then my dad started buying Sharks Packs and Mercury News Family packs.

Got a job and spent all my money on equipment so I could play in-house at the Ice Centre.

Moved away from SJ in 1999 for school. So now my Sharks history consists of the rare national tv game and a lot of game on the Internet radio.

Recent Sharks memories seem to consist of me in an annual post-second round depression.


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