My Sharks History

I would like to start with this: idunno's story is FALSE!

My Sharks history is not as exciting as everyone else's story. I was born and raised in San Jose and still do live in San Jose. Since I am only in high school, I haven't been a fan for that long. When I was younger, none of my friends watched hockey. I always saw hockey on TV and just skipped right over it. I had no idea what the rules of the game were. The only hockey I watched was when idunno watched the mighty ducks movie.

The only sport I liked was soccer. It was my life and still is (with hockey now of course!). [Side note: My soccer team is called the Sharks. I used to hate it until I became a fan of the San Jose Sharks. Now I think it's awesome!]

The only person in the NHL that I knew of at that time was Sidney Crosby. I was obsessed with him just because I thought he was cute and I heard he was a good player. I still do like him but of course my Sharks are my number one priority.

One day my older sister randomly got season tickets for the Sharks. I didn't even know she liked hockey! She told me to go with a game with her. I thought, "Why not? I had nothing else to do." After that game, I was hooked. It was so fun and exciting. I got home and researched everything about hockey and the Sharks. I looked at the player pictures and saw that some were pretty darn cute. Now that was a plus for me to watch. (NO I am NOT a puck bunny! Idunno told me to stop obsessing about the players so much and watch the game more so I did).

Now fast forward a couple of years. I am a huge Sharks fan and I have watched almost all of the games this season. My friends say I am too obsessed because the Sharks are all I talk about. I can't help it! Unfortunately, I don't have my own jersey because they ran out of Pavelski jerseys. I do share one with my sister though. It's been signed by Pavelski, Boucher, Shelley, Blake, Setoguchi, and Mitchell.


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