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Off the Post - Sunday morning edition

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  • Super-early Art Ross Watch = Dany Heatley and Joe Thornton are tied with Alexander Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom (10 points apiece). 
  • Meanwhile, Joe Thornton stands alone at the top of the assists column (9)... with Matt Carle (!!) glaring up at him from two spots below.
  • Joe Ike (Sharks PA announcer) was fired - and Danny Miller's an awkward substitute.  Conico compels you - bring "I Like Ike" signs to the Tank.  /Conico heads to Ebay for vintage Eisenhower gear...
  • Broad Street Hockey takes a moment to remind SBN users to not act like genitalia.
  • Because he's still in our hearts (though mercifully off our payroll), here's a great article on Jonathan Cheechoo (H/T to Silver Seven).  [UPDATE] - Cheechoo also got his first non-Shark point on Thursday, assisting on former Shark defensemen Matt Carkner's first NHL goal against the Islanders.
  • NHL referee Dean Warren gets fired, and Paul Devorski gives a money quote.
  • Edmonton fans call on Yahweh to crush the idolatrous Habs fanbase, and He delivers.
  • [UPDATE] = The Toronto Oilers?  Edmonton Maple Leafs?  HUH?!?
  • You should be very careful about ordering this, especially if the Anaheim Ducks make you a bit nauseous
  • Hmmm, fluff banner alert...
  • Img_9053_medium

  • Mike Grier pots the game-winner against Nashville for his first goal back with Buffalo.
  • If only Toronto's top brass would start tampering with their winless streak.
  • A shutout ruins the whiteout down in Glendale - that'll rev up the fanbase! (note - read to the end of the article for a revealing comment by Ken Hitchcock on Columbus' goaltending)
  • One half of the Ambiguously Swede Duo is out with a funky injury; in unrelated news, Conico's fantasy team takes a huge hit. [UPDATE] - Daniel's actually going to be out 4-6 weeks.
  • Speaking of fantasy hockey = Mirtle's team might be interesting in of itself, but it's the league roster that raised my eyebrows (hint - one manager is the editor of the longest running Sharks blog, and another rhymes with "Girl Creek").
  • NOT HOCKEY (mixed with some hockey) = Top 10 Crazy Bastards, brought to you by the people who did Top 10 Teams with the Most Annoying Fans.
  • If you're feeling miffed that the Anaheim Ducks beat the Flyers in the shootout last night, this could be the silver lining to your cloud.
  • Alexei Semenov heads to Moscow Dynamo of the KHL, keeps wife happy.
  • Brad May gets reacquainted with Todd Bertuzzi in Detroit, in a subtle effort to rekindle the Avs-Wings rivalry... Steve Moore unable to be reached for comment.
  • If you were wondering, here's the backstory on my surgery (which went really well - thanks for the many well-wishes).
  • Because I'm a shameless YouTuber that needs hits, here's Dany Heatley's interview for the Three Stars on opening night: