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Off the Post - October 18th

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  • [UPDATE, 7:55pm] = The Bruins trade Chuck Kobasew to Minnesota for Craig Weller, the rights to Alex Fallstrom, and a 2nd rounder in 2011.
  • [UPDATE, 9:30pm] = Yesterday's news, but the Blackhawks pick up Andrew Ebbett from the Ducks off of waivers.
  • Saying Phoenix's attendance in home game 2 is woeful sounds almost complimentary.
  • No pressure, Milan...
  • What do Steve Ott and Daniel Sedin both have in common?  Besides screwing over Conico's fantasy league team, that is....
  • If someone asked you to declare the worst division in the NHL, chances are pretty good you'd say the Southeast... and you'd be wrong.
  • The Copper & Blue alter scripture once again, and the Oilers win yet again.
  • Mike Van Ryn is done for the season.
  • You might have noticed, but Marc-Andre Fleury is playing out of his mind.
  • The NHL vs. Georges Laraque, Exhibit A = the offending video.