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With the new season, there is a new influx of readers and users. Not that that's a bad thing - heck, we were all new to Fear the Fin at one point. But since there's been some inside jokes and FTF-exclusive memes that have been established and aren't immediately obvious, I decided to make a FAQ (BTW - is that grammatically correct? Do you use "a" because it starts with an "F," or "an" because it starts with a vowel sound?). Links galore, so here it goes.


Angry Joe - Occasionally, Joe Thornton gets angry. And when he gets angry, he can dominate a game like few others can. Oh, and he fights people. And wins. Angry Joe is never a bad thing.
Super/Vezina/Cocky Nabby
- There are times when Nabokov is just on. During those times, he is the best goalie in the world - the 07-08 season was basically an extended period of Super Nabby, hence the Vezina nomination.
- written in all caps, when Douglas Murray has a huge hit on a player that makes the other player fall down. Or, when the other player tries to hit Murray and still falls down.
Oh captain my captain
- Reference to the movie Dead Poets Society, when Patrick Marleau scores a goal. Doesn't matter that he's not the captain anymore, it still is a reference to Marleau.
- From the legendary Staubitz vs Tootoo fight, whenever Staubitz fights someone or has a big hit. Used as a verb: "Tootoo just got Staubtized!"
Douglas Murray, goal-scorer/offensive force - Douglas Murray scored a hat trick in the pre-season, after only scoring 1 goal in 210 career games.
- Originated with Logan Couture, who failed to make the NHL roster/score a hat trick in every game in the pre-season, prompting some people label him a bust. This label can also be applied to Dany Heatley (who finally started scoring in game two).

Player nicknames

Jumbo Joe
- Joe Thornton. But in all honesty, you should know that by now.
- Patrick Marleau
- Devin Setoguchi. The former is used for when talking about him, the latter is used when he scores a goal. Because that "ooo" sound is always fun to make, and really, what other time do you have the excuse to yell "Gooch!" in publich?
Heater - Dany Heatley
Pavs/Little Joe/JoePa
- Joe Pavelski
Boyler/Oh Danny Boy - Dan Boyle
- Marc-Edouard Vlasic
- Douglas Murray. And yes, that is his actual nickname. Used as a verb when he dishes out a big hit ("Avery was just Crankshafted!").
- Evgeni Nabokov. Used more than his actual name.
Manny being Manny
- Manny Malhotra, used to mock Manny Ramirez.
- Benn Ferriero

Like Wall
- Arturs Irbe.
The Professor
- Igor Larionov
- Owen Nolan
- Christian Ehrhoff. Only the last one is his actual nickname, for obvious reasons.
- Brian Boucher
- Jeremey Roenick

- Justin Abdelkader
Corey F***ing Perry
- Corey Perry
Pronger Physics
- Not constrained to FTF. Chris Pronger once justified himself elbowing players in the head by saying that it was "just physics."
- Jordin Tootoo. Jeremy Roenick once called him a DumDum in an interview, and so it will remain.


Randy Hahn
- Sharks play by play announcer that has been with the team since it began.
Drew Remenda
- Sharks color guy that was a former assistant coach. He's the bald one. He also used to work for CBC, but then came back to the Sharks.
Randy and Drew like to flirt a lot, and they go on lots of tangents. They win the Northern California Emmy for broadcasting crew every year, and so have this weird obsession with it.

Dan Rusanowski
- Play by play for the radio, he's never missed a game except for when he was in the car crash a few years back. Known to make an effort to get the correct pronounciation no matter what.
Jamie Baker
- Nicknamed "Bakes." Radio analyst, one of the best in the league. Used to play for the Sharks; he scored the most important goal of the franchise, the Game 7 winner against the Red Wings back in '94. Very competitive, and played ping pong with Nabokov once (and lost).

Assorted Memes

It's Craptastic! - Referring to Comcast, either as a company, cable supplier, or as the Sharks' RSN. Stems from ad campaign "It's Comcastic!"
- Remember those Conan O'Brien Super Bowl for some beer? Yeah, that. Fez Trick - When a player scores two goals in regulation and a third goal in the shootout. Since it's not a hat trick officially, it has thus been dubbed a fez trick.
Reginald Dustyballs
- Alter ego of Plank.
- What the crowd should yell instead of just "SHOOT!" We have to be specific, you know?

Doug Wilson is tan. Really, really tan. And he looks exactly like he did when he played for the Sharks - 20 years ago. Both of these facts are often brought up.

Players to Boo:
Chris Pronger
Corey Perry
Brian Campbell
Brad Marchand
Ed Belfour*
Theo Fleury*
*Players are no longer playing

Retired memes:
Glove of Doom - When Alexei Semenov reached up to block the puck with his hand, and caused the puck to go into net behind Nabokov. And more defense.
Corn - Of the KFC chicken & corn commercials. Once sparked an epic rally against Phoenix. Setoguchi's hometown is also Taber, Alberta - the corn capital of the world. The mojo wore off after that, and so will never be mentioned again.
26th pick - Sharks's 2009 1st round pick was traded five times in less than a year. It also represented the only interesting part of watching the first round of the draft.
Steven Seagal
- Popped up around the same time corn did, also used as a rally/mojo thing. Didn't work, and thus was forgotten.

Players Cheat Sheet
Plank and TCY put together this amazingly comprehensive overview of the team. If you need to know anything about these guys before this season, check here first.

Thread Hall of Fame

Cinco de Mayo
It was Cinco de Mayo. Phoenix had just declared bankruptcy, and the Sharks were out of the playoffs. Mr. K (now Coinco de Mayo Miracle) got absolutely wasted, and decided to spend his drunkeness posting on FTF. I was going to include some highlights, but the entire thread is just amazing, so it's better if you read it. And if you see any crazy typos, just assume that they're from this tread.

Animal Puns Photoshops
There have been other Photoshop threads, but this one was just completely epic. And it all started with TCY's Joe Roarton...

Official Message Board Thread
Immediately after the Sharks were eliminated by the Ducks, FTF was overrun by new users that "have been reading for a long time" and "finally got the urge to sign up." All of them kept posting about blowing the team up, firing everyone, and so on. And so, Plank posted the Official HFBoards Message Boards thread, where we conversed about leadership, trades, and heart. And how Tiger Wood's knees had more heart than Patrick Marleau. Also, GMs: "glen sather iz allso gud i herd. must invstigate diz and wrte letterz to shrkeez. he know wat 2 do."

Honorable Mention Threads
Fate of NHL40Man
Official Gender Thread
- See the breakdown of who's what.
Go-Go Google
- Communist skittles!
BevSco - How well are the Sharks playing according to what alchoholic beverage Plank is drinking during the game.

ESPN Player Survey
Why is this so important? Well, the Sharks were voted to have the third most disruptive fans in the league, Patrick Marleau is the most underrated player, and was voted as the fourth-best leader. It's justification of everything we believe in.

Required Videos

If you think there's anything else crucial to being part of the FTF community, just post them in the comments. I can't think of everything.

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