The View From Behind Enemy Lines

It's always nice to see the Sharks in town.  Considering the last time you guys were here back in 2005, it was the Joe Thornton's first game as a Shark and you guys ran Mika Noranen out of net. 

The Sabres have struggled as of late with the loss of Vanek.  We should be back on even keel again after looking completely lost against the Senators.  We usually play to the level of our opponent, see our record against the Bruins, so the Sharks should be in for a tough go of things. Considering that we need the win more than you guys do we should play well.  Key word is should because with this team you never know whats going on.

As far as how the roster that you should see, nothing much has changed.  We have added another defensemen off the injured reserve in Andrej Sekera which should help our side.  With Vanek out, the Sabres are plugging in Drew Stafford and Matt Ellis in powerplay relief after we went 1-12 on the power play on Wednesday.  It should be an interesting game for both sides due to the fact that the Sabres have to prove they can win and score without Vanek in the lineup.


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