Dropping the Gloves: Brad Staubitz could fight good, really really good

Updated: Not only could Brad Staubtiz fight really, really good, he could fight really, really well.

Today I picked two fights. One was awesome. One not so much. I'm pretty sure you could figure it out.

First off we have Rob Blake vs. Daniel Winnik of the Phoenix Coyotes.

Yeahhh uhh Rob Blake undresses Daniel Winnik. Okay, seriously now, I showed this not because this was a great fight that everyone needs to see, but to show how Rob Blake is a team player. Winnik laid out a hit on Dan Boyle that hurt him. Blake says, "hey if you mess with our star players, you're gonna pay." Blake didn't really make Winnik pay by hurting him, if you couldn't tell. He just got the meaning across to the Coyotes that they shouldn't make a run at the Sharks players.

This is why I think the "staged" fights need to be in the game. If Blake was unable fight Winnik Shelley or Staubitz would be roughing up the other team's star players because that would be the only way to get back. Other team gets angry. Mass brawl breaks out (and maybe a goalie fight if you're lucky). Suspensions go to everybody. If the league just let Blake fight Winnik that would not have happened. All of that would be over with.

Okay now for the awesome fight:

Brad Staubitz vs. Jordin Tootoo of the Nashville Predators

Amazing right? This was the third time Staubitz ever fought Tootoo. Twice in the NHL, once in the minors. So the fight starts right after the faceoff. Fighters drop the gloves and skate around. Staubitz was chasing Tootoo for a little bit but they eventually grab a hold of each other. Tootoo throws two punches to Staubtiz. Once Staubitz get's free he unleashes. Staubitz throws approximately 10 lefts. They all contact right in the middle of Tootoo's face. Tootoo was throwing 'em too but they weren't connecting. Staubitz's crazy line of punches ended when Tootoo put his head down, causing Staubtiz to punch his helmet. That's probably when Staubitz hurt his hand. Than Staubitz switches up and get's about two rights in. The refs than break up the fight. Later you could see Tootoo's bloody face. Win? It easily goes to Staubitz.

And now for today's easy/biased poll:

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