In Defense of Semenov... AGAIN!!!

So a few of us were deeply involved in some rostercourse this evening.  You could say it was almost "Afternoon Delight" but, it was after 6.  I dont think there is any thing special, nor any hillarious songs sung about Rostercourse after 4pm.

Anyway!  The subject of rostercourse is tricky, and I wanted to throw my hand in and show my support for the Big Man.  I am of course referring to your favorite puck handling shark (Literally, with his hands!), Semenov.  Semi. The Russian Bear.  Whatever the parlance of our time is.

See, I like Semenov (Apparently, correctly pronounced Sem-en-yov).  I think his biggest draw back as a player is he has taken a little too long to really hit his potential.  I think all that will change next season.  Teams will hardly be beating a path to his door but yet he won't be commanding a Rob Blake sized salary, and he has the potential to be Rob Blake Lite.

What I mean by that is he is a bit like a trial version of some free software.  He'll have the shot power of Rob Blake, the physical presence of Rob Blake, but he will completely lack the positional awareness of Rob Blake.  You have to pay for Rob Blake to get that shit.

So at dinner, I was trying to convince many people that he would be great for the Sharks to keep around.  But how do you reach a bunch of people in a bar who packed their pitchforks and are out for blood?

I think you reach them like this:

"If Semenov were a beer, he would be Natural Ice.  It's cheap, but it'll get you there.  You'll wish you had the money for something better, but you dont, and you won't care in the morning"

We love you Semi!




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