David Pollak claims Scott Nichol to become Sharks' 4th-line center

Sometimes you find the information, sometimes the information finds you.

That fourth line center the Sharks are about to sign? Scott Nichol.

This comes from nobody directly connected with the signing, yet someone whose awareness of NHL comings-and-goings I totally respect. And trust. I know, this isn’t my normal way of doing business here, but under the circumstances I figured I’d pass the tip along. Rumor? I suppose. But the information is good.

Not saying the deal has made its way through the NHL offices for approval. Simply saying that you can expect to learn shortly that the annoying Nashville center has become an annoying San Jose center.

Yeah, I’m in Chicago. Yeah, I said I liked the idea of a little hockey disconnect for a while. But, like I said, sometimes the information finds you.


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