The Fate of NHL40Man

News is slow, obviously.

The Subject

Name: NHL40Man

Age: 40?

Sex: Man?

The Facts

* 4 Fanposts, 9 comments

* Fanposts have nothing to do with the Sharks, nor do they attempt to touch upon that subject. Furthermore, most pieces could easily have been a comment in a previous article.

* Writing prose contains LOTS OF CAPS LOCK TRAUMA and is difficult to read at times. Meandering and unfocused is probably a sound description.

* Profile contains hilarious mission statement:

Well enjoy the site and look for weekly updates from me.
And I am a Detroit Red Wings fan and yes I know they lost the cup but they did win it last year and it was a good series.

Thanks for SB for letting me do this.

* Has already been offered high paying jobs at Blogspot or Wordpress.

* Is a Detroit Red Wings fan, but does not belong to Winging It In Motown. Confusing, but not necessarily grounds for expulsion.

The Evidence

1) Gary Bettman and the Yotes

Excerpt: "I want a say in this! I think it is absolute bullshit that Gary Bettman is making excusesto not have another team in Canada! GARY BETTMAN HATES CANADA! I hate Bettman now."

2) Free Agents So Far....

Excerpt: "stupid monkey (hossa) pfffft!"

3) NHL 09 vs. NHL 2K9

Excerpt: "TO EA GAMES; (madden 09!) WE DONT HAVE 5 YEAR OLD KIDS OR SUPER JESUS LOVING PEOPLE PLAYING THE GAME SO YOU DONT NEED TO HAVE A MAJOR CENSORSHIP ON THE GAMES!!! I love jesus though. Be a pro is a little hard and boring as a goalie though."

4) Trades and Free Agents and Stuff

Excerpt: "Hey Im Here to talk about some trades and the Free Agents. So after you read this don't tell your friends..... TELL THE GUYS WHO ARE IN HERE TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE..... Thanks and have a wonderful day (no homo)"

The Vote....

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