Road Tripping with the former Mr. K.



Hey gang - if you know me, you know I love a good Sharks road trip. But do you know what I love even more?


In short - I need a few good men / women to join me on the following trips (yes - plural). Small caveat - I teach Monday through Friday, so many of these are blitzkrieg trips involving a red-eye. These end up being the most fun, however... and the kids' papers just grade themselves.

  • Saturday October 24 @ Atlanta Thrashers. Dave Valentine is going to drive up from South Carolina - sold you already, haven't I? Amazing tickets shouldn't (ahem) be too hard to come by - or expensive. Airfare from SFO is also reasonable (sub-$300 roundtrip, if booked in advance).
  • Sunday November 1 @ Carolina Hurricanes. I know what you're thinking - "That's the weekend after the Thrashers game! Are you telling me, Conico / Mr. K. / Whatever-the-F***-We-Call-You-Now, that you're going to fly to the South, turn around, come back, work 5 days, and then do it all over again?" Answer - you're damn right. What would make me consider such lunacy (other than the Sharks)? Four words for ya = Halloween at Dave Valentine's. I don't want to hold him to this, but he DID say he's got a big place with room-a-plenty... and plenty of booze. We would drive up from Columbia early Sunday morning (1:30pm start time in Raleigh) - sober, of course (hi, Mom!). There's a 5:45pm flight out of Raleigh International. In short - join us, fellow Fins.
  • Saturday November 14 @ St. Louis Blues AND Sunday November 15 @ Chicago Blackhawks. And just two weeks removed from the above madness, there's this tempting weekend. I'll actually take my one personal day off work on Monday, meaning a full day in Chicago before a later flight home that night. Both matchups are night games. There will likely be a SLGT get-together (haven't told them yet, but shouldn't be too hard to convince Donut King and Milo). Who knows - maybe they'll accompany us down the road to Chicago to root against their rival?
  • Saturday February 6 @ Nashville Predators. My Sharks buddy and his newly wed (both from New Jersey) are going to come out for this one, but the more the merrier. If you want to out-nutty me, the team's playing in Toronto two nights later - yes, I considered the possibility; no, I don't have the time off of work to make it happen.
  • Saturday February 13 @ Buffalo Sabres. Say hi again to Mike Grier and Craig Rivet on their home turf - and eat Buffalo wings at the source. Toronto's just across the border and up the road, for those of you that haven't seen the Hall of Fame yet. Niagara Falls is even closer (less than 20 minutes away). This is also the last Sharks game for more than 2 weeks on account of the Olympics. C'mon - you know you want to.
  • Sunday April 4 @ Colorado Avalanche AND Tuesday April 6 @ Calgary Flames. I haven't fleshed this one out yet - but here's what I'm thinking. When I'm not debauched, I'm actually religious, so I was thinking of flying to Denver after the Easter service ends (lucky for me, I mean us, I attend a midnight service), seeing that game, and then roadtripping it up to Calgary. Cons = encountering winter weather in early spring, and seeing my firefighter ass getting beat to hell on the Red Mile. Pros = winter weather in early spring, and seeing my firefighter ass getting beat to hell on the Red Mile - and the Sharks, of course!

There you have it - I'm certifiably insane. If you'll excuse me, I have a dinner reservation at Psycho Donuts - because it'll be all I can afford after these puppies.

In all seriousness - let's do this. Send me an email (on my profile page) if you're interested.

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