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Off the Post, Sept. 10

  • We sure do appreciate Blueshirt Banter's pick for the head of the Western Conference this season.
  • The new SB site is up and running
  • [UPDATE] = Please welcome Anaheim Calling to the SB Nation fold.  Sleek's already rolled out the welcome mat.
  • The Sharks rookies swept the Ducks rookies with a 5-2 victory last night.  No word in the article about Michael D'Orazio's groin pull that left him unable to walk off the ice... Trust me, it wasn't pretty.
  • Here's a video of D'Orazio's goal, the first of the night.  Those chants of "RUDY!" refer to Daniel Erlich (#70), who stands at a lofty 5' 6''.
  • Michael D'Orazio's goal at San Jose Sharks rookie scrimmage (via dkeirsteadisback)

  • Speaking of 5' 6'' - Theo Fleury will soon know if he's coming back to the NHL.
  • Can't go wrong with a firetruck in a sinkhole (H/T to ang6666).
  • Adolf Hitler bitches about the Christian Ehrhoff trade.  Pure hilarity.
  • Hitler reacts to Ehrhoff trade (via bs932)