Interesting observation

You can take this how you like but today my season tickets arrived today. As usual the tickets' graphics rotate through 8 of the Sharks players - the best and/or most popular ones - and this seasons' tickets (and the packaging for that matter) do not feature Patrick Marleau. Now obviously this doesn't mean anything exactly, but the fact that the 'captain' or at least one of the leaders, as well as an All Star and our all time goals and points leader, is no where to be seen in the season ticket holder portfolios. Other noticeable absentees this season are Michalek, Cheechoo and Nabokov. The cover of the portfolio, which one assumes would be your core features, Thornton, Boyle and Pavelski while the tickets also have Murray, Vlasic, Shelley, Setoguchi, and Mitchell.

Now I know this is a pretty trivial thing, because there's only room for 8 players and it's just tickets, but these are season tickets that go out to the franchise's most financially invested fans and Marleau's absence speaks certain volumes about how the franchise as a whole is marketing itself and who it views as its best/most popular players for the 09-10 season.

Take this for what it is, just something I found interesting.

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