Things I Wonder About Before Going To Bed

  • Exactly what do the Thrashers hope to gain by firing Bob Hartley?  When you've had the same general manager since coming into the league eight years ago, and you have one post-season appearance in which you were swept to show for it, I'm kinda thinking they fired the wrong guy.  If you really want to kick-start your team, start with the one who's responsible for putting things together.  The right GM is far more important than the right coach.  I mean, look at the dramatic improvement by the Kings ever since they named Dean Lombardi GM... oh, wait, that's right...
    Heated skate blades, eh?  Wayne Gretzky's woes as coach of the Coyotes aside, if he swears by them good enough for me.  The biggest question is which player will be the first to hear "what are you doing out there -- setting your skates to cold instead of hot?"
    This just in: St. Louis has rejoined the NHL to the tune of starting the season 4-1.  The question is has anyone in St. Louis noticed.  Probably not.
    Speaking of cities unaware they have a NHL franchise, did you see the announced attendance for tonight's Blue Jackets-Stars game in Columbus?  11,820.  That translates into an arena 65.2% full.  What is Columbus using for a marketing slogan these days -- "plenty of good sections still available?"/