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Off the Post - Comeback / Fail / Don't Feed the Trolls Edition

  • Hawks fans are always welcome on this site - but if you act like Redtribe14 (see comments) and post misogynistic sophmoric comments, fuck off
  • [UPDATE] - Randy Hahn reports via Facebook that the Sharks raised nearly $15,000 last night for Haiti relief. (thanks to idunno723)
  • Bummed about the comeback OTL against the Blackhawks?  Look on the bright side - Chicago went 0 for 13 on the power play against San Jose this season, and some guy that can't spell "Danny" got point number 600.
  • Second City Hockey's take on last night's game includes one helluva prediction in the leadoff paragraph.  As a rebuttal I offer the above bullet point.  In short: it's on, bitches! (insert winking emoticon...)
  • More from Second City Hockey, this time on the Patrick Kane controversy: Patrick Kane could snort a pint glass of coke off of a stripper's tits every night, and as long as he put up a point per game, it'd be fine with me.
  • Is San Jose interested in Ethan Moreau
  • Die by the Blade takes superstition to another level.
  • Any other year and I would have coughed up my coffee at this question.  Well done, Team Tippett.
  • This is for any American that's never read The Hockey Sweater - highly recommended.
  • If you really want to impress your teal-blooded Facebook friends, type (^^^) in FB chat.  Trust me.   
  • I can guarantee that Phoenix isn't southeast of Denver, but still - what a fucking long haul.
  • Map_north_america_381_medium