Toronto makes big Trade for Phaneuf

The Toronto Maple Leafs have started the trade deadline frenzy.

Here's the Deal as said on

The complete deal was Phaneuf, right wing Fredrik Sjostrom and prospect Keith Aulie to Toronto for forwards Niklas Hagman, Matt Stajan, Jamal Mayers and defenseman Ian White.

Wow, this really remakes both teams.  Phaneuf is the most well known of these players amongst Sharks fans.  So its good news well be seeing less of him.  This is a good move for both teams has both of them are a few short breaths away from drowning.  The two big players the Flames are recieving are Hagman and White.  White is one of the best passers in the NHL, he often passes blue line to blue line and springs a forward in for a breakaway, he's dangerous this way.  Hagman is a good solid scorer, something Calgary lacks enough of.

But Burke may not be done, although its not official, its been reported (by TSN I think) that Toskala has been sent to Anaheim for Giguere.  If this is true, I'm sorry Toskala, but you have joined the dark side.  I pray for your lost soul.


EDIT: Phaneuf obviously adds a solid and proven defenceman to a team that has a tendency to leave its goalie wondering what team he is actually facing.  This shores up the defence a bit, but in return they sacrifice some good scoring players.  I have seen flashes of brilliance from some of the other forwards, but no consistency, so scoring is a real problem for Toronto.  Phil Kessel is by far their best forward, and although hasn't been great for consistency, he has been their most consistent and dependable.  Burke may be trying to rebuild the team from the back end, which is usually the case.  Phaneuf may be paired with Komisarek who has been struggling to regain his form, mainly due to injuries.

So as I was saying earlier, this trade really helps Calgary offensively.  White can spring forwards through his long stretch passes and Hagman I think would fit in nicely on the second line and add more scoring depth.

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