Stan Lee: NHL "The Guardians"

The Guardian Project (via GuradianProject30)


Stan Lee to save hockey

Lee teams up with NHL

PuckDaddy First Look

Guardians to be revealed at All*Star game

"On Jan. 30th, 2011, at the NHL All-Star Game, we are going to unveil 30 of the most incredible superheroes the world has ever seen, with an incredible live-event show that everyone should tune in for," he said.

Added Lee: "I just have a feeling that 'The Guardians' are going to be the next big thing in entertainment."



This news is slightly dated, but I wanted to get Sharkscentric views on the pros/cons of Lee creating comic book characters that represent all 30 NHL teams, aka 'The Guardians'. Personally, I find it incredibly awesome. Lee is nearly 90 and still young at heart. I highly anticipate the end result and hope it proves to be a success.

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