"Silent Niemi"

I don't even...all of the others are so much better...but I wanted to simultaneously jump on the parody carol bandwagon and focus on the goalie so here it is, to the tune of "Silent Night" of course.

Silent Niemi, Finnish Niemi,

All have swarmed, all have shot

Round yon Ex-Blackhawk Suddenly Signed,

Finnish Goalie so inconsistent and wild

Keep saving against the Hawks Please,

Keep saving against the Hawks Please

Silent Niemi, Finnish Niemi

Forwards and fans quake at your on-off might

A little glory comes from your saves against Hawks players

But McLellan can always swap you for Nittymaki if he feels like it

Antero, the Guy Who is Not Niemi

Antero, the Guy Who Looked Like A Teddybear Against Dallas OMG

Silent Niemi, Finnish Niemi,

Show you’re good, keep off the red light

Melt the puck with your hot glove stops

Fill the emptiness left by Nabby’s walk,

Niemi, show us what you’re worth

Niemi, show us what you’re worth.

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