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Gameday Thread: Sharks @ Wings

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San Jose Sharks
@ Detroit Red Wings

Friday, Oct 28, 2011, 4:30 PM PDT
Joe Louis Arena

Sharks Gameday: Ian White
Brent Burns gives San Jose a gamebreaker on the backend

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Under McLellan, San Jose is 14-9-1 against Detroit in the regular season and the playoffs, eliminating them from the postseason in 2010 (five games) and memorably in 2011 (seven games). This success follows a streak in which the Sharks won only 16 times in 63 games against the Red Wings, according to the Mercury News.

The average final score in their victories under McLellan against the Wings: 3.57 goals to 2.29. The average final score in their losses: 4.56 goals for Detroit to 1.67 for the Sharks. (That includes to outliers: 7-1 in the playoffs and a 6-0 regular-season win in 2008-09.)

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