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Gameday Thread: Sharks @ Panthers

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San Jose Sharks
@ Florida Panthers

Sunday, Feb 13, 2011, 2:00 PM PST
BankAtlantic Center

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There's a separation of Church and Skate joke somewhere in there

Every once in awhile you'll see the Sharks old logo pop up. Last season I lived out of the area and relied on Center Ice to catch all the action, and although I can't remember what team it was (maybe Florida but I think it was the Islanders), their broadcast crew used the old logo in everything-- intermission scoreboard, lead-in to commercial, the whole shabang.

San Jose changed their logo in 2007. That season the entire league had a pretty massive aesthetic overhaul, implementing the new Reebok Edge jerseys. Using the old logo in your promotional advertisements just seems weird, especially when upon entering the site you see this:


Get with the times, Florida. Just because you last made the playoffs in 2000 doesn't mean the NHL hasn't changed since then.