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Gameday Thread: Sharks vs. Coyotes

We're shipping up to Boston to join our friends for tonight's Sharks game (and the others) at Stanley Cup of Chowder.


It's difficult to care all that much about hockey in light of the tragic events that occurred earlier today in Boston. The NHL announced the postponement of the Senators at Bruins game that was scheduled to take place at the Garden tonight, but the rest of the league's schedule remains intact. The Sharks will play the Coyotes at 7PM with an ever-present chance to solidify their grip on a playoff spot but as a small token of solidarity with those in the Boston area affected by this tragedy, a large contingent of us have decided to discuss all of tonight's games, including Sharks/Yotes, at Stanley Cup Of Chowder. But if you'd rather discuss it here as per usual, that's cool too.