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Sharktoon: Post Game Reaction, Buffalo Style

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What is it about Buffalo that confounds the Sharks?

Sharks vs Buffalo Oct 2014

(The Buffalo is the only known land based predator of the Great White Shark)

The Sharks have played the Buffalo Sabres 31 times in their 23 year history. Of those 22 have been losses for the Sharks, 2 were ties, and 7 were wins.  That's a 73% win rate for the Sabres over 23 years. Ouch! As crushing as the loss was and is, it's par for the course when it comes to playing the Sabres.

What is it about Buffalo that confounds the Sharks?The Sharks have been a much better team for a long time now, so why do the Sabres still hold such sway over them?

Honestly, I think the hockey gods just like messing with Sharks fans, but that's just lack of rational thought speaking.