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Report: Peter DeBoer will name Sharks captain before season

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In other news, water is still wet and sky is still blue.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In a San Jose Mercury News article, Sharks head coach Peter DeBoer confirms the obvious: he'll name a captain before Oct. 7 when San Jose plays the Kings. Last season, Todd McLellan waited until just before the season opener to announce the cluster of As that would be handed out.

DeBoer offered nothing more concrete than that, though he said he's happy with the leadership at present.

"I’ve been very happy with the leadership here," DeBoer said. "Real impressed with how they come to work every

day, their professionalism, how serious they are. There’s a lot of good things in that area here."

We already discusses the captaincy situation, but with the season a week away let's take it to a poll. Who should be the Sharks next captain?