2016 NHL All-Star Game: Top five moments from the weekend

Yes, this is a John Scott-Brent Burns blog now.

The 2016 NHL All-Star Weekend is officially over with the Pacific taking the championship and John Scott skating off with the MVP award. I wrote about how much fun the weekend was (it was a lot of fun), but what makes events like this so special are the individual moments of personality and fun we get to see from the players. This year's All-Star Game was no exception.

I give you five moments that you're going to want to relive over and over again. Let's enjoy this for at least one more day.

John Scott is named All-Star Game MVP

His total surprise combined with the fans chanting "MVP" put this at the top of the list. Plus, it meant Gary Bettman had to shake the hand of the player his league so desperately tried to keep out of the game in the first place. Nice.

John Scott etherizes Jeremy Roenick

Nathan Pavelski scores before his dad

John Scott scores first ever NHL All-Star Game goal

John Scott shares moment with Chris Sutter

Bonus moment: Brent Burns is the best dad in the world