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Now you can wear a ‘Lifestyle Beard’ on a t-shirt

You knew this was coming.

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The infamous “Lifestyle Beard” quote by Joe Thornton inspired something deep inside of me. A jealousy, I suppose, that I will never be able to make the kind of lifestyle choice Thornton and Brent Burns have made because of weak genetic makeup.

From that moment of heartbreak came an idea for something beautiful. Something that could bring us beard lovers together in a way my disgusting, patchy facial hair never could. We need a t-shirt. And now friends, we have it.

We partnered with our buds over at Breaking T to create the “Lifestyle Beards” shirt. The teal shirt features the visages of Burns and Thornton, looking as supple and fierce as ever, and will look great on you whether you sport a beard or not.

Remember, by using the above link (okay, or this one...lazy) you’re both getting a sick shirt AND helping the site out! That’s a win-win! So go ahead and pick one up and then make sure you post some pictures of yourself wearing it to impress your friends and family.