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Brent Burns wants to live in an RV

He could be joking ... but I kind of doubt it.

San Jose Sharks v New York Rangers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Way back during the NHL Awards, we found out Brent Burns’ summer plans: namely driving across the country with his family in an RV. So when he joined Dan Rosen for’s very fun Five Questions feature, it’s no surprise the topic came up again.

You should read the whole interview, but here’s the excerpt I found the most entertaining:

"A lot of places. We did over 12,000 miles. It's great. I'm trying to get my wife to sell the house and just live in the RV now. It'd be really nice. I really like it. I think it's just totally different and there is something freeing about that lifestyle. The kids love it too. They've got their own little TVs there too. What's not to like about it? They can watch Sofia the princess wherever we are. I did a lot of parking lot workouts, RV camps. A lot of runs, weight vest stuff, body circuits. I like that stuff. I like having a little bit of a different regimen. [Sharks strength and conditioning coordinator Mike Potenza] is great, sending me a lot of different circuit workouts. Sometimes it's nice to get out of the gym, out of a squat rack."

There are a couple of gems here. Let’s start with what prompted the headline of this article:

He might be joking, but knowing Burns I’m pretty sure he would absolutely be down for this if the rest of the family is. I particularly like the justification that “(the kids) can watch Sofia the princess wherever they are.” Gotta love modern technology.

Burns is the best. Long live Burns.