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Beer the Fin: A review of Gordon Biersch’s Chum beer

Hint: It’s good as heck.

A little over a month ago I expressed my desire to acquire Chum, the new beer from Gordon Biersch that oozes San Jose Sharks (not literally, thank god). My prayers were answered thanks to the brewery and, with a little help from UPS, a six pack of the brew arrived on my doorstep yesterday.

What better time to crack one open and try it then an early evening contest against the Rangers, right?

The beer clocks in at a weighty 7.2%, something you should keep in mind if you plan on enjoying more than one beer while at SAP Center. It’s a very solid red ale, a style I’m fond of, and I think it would go especially great fresh from the tap while watching hockey in a cold building.

I won’t pretend to be some stellar beer reviewer, but I’ve had great beers, good beers and awful beers — this settles comfortably into the good range. What makes it especially cool as a Sharks fan are some of the little details, like the Sharks logo on the bottle cap or the “This is Sharks territory” stamp underneath it.

Gordon Biersch also sent me a couple cool coasters, a bottle owner and a Chum “jersey” (lightweight polyester material before you get too excited) which means I can turn my sad excuse for a home office into something a little more teal friendly. If you live in the San Jose area, you’ve gotta get one of these for the novelty of it alone — and if you’re an expat like me? Well, let’s take a road trip to the Tank.