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Watch: Pete DeBoer addresses the media after this morning’s practice

Hear what the head coach had to say about last night’s disallowed goal, the second line, and early thoughts on the Predators.

San Jose Sharks v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

San Jose Sharks head coach Pete DeBoer addressed the media following the team’s practice this morning, and Fear the Fin was on the scene. We streamed the entirety of his availability live on Periscope, but we have good news if you missed it: you can watch it and hear what he had to say right here on Fear the Fin!

We’ll have a “Notes and Quotes” post up later today, including former Predator Joel Ward’s thoughts on what changes in style the Sharks expect from Nashville after they famously swapped Shea Weber and PK Subban this offseason.

Until then, this video will hopefully tide you over. The sound was a little low since the Periscope stream was recorded within the cell phone app, so you might want to turn your volume up a bit, but not so much that you destroy Doc Brown’s garage. That’s just bad for the ears.