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The Daily Chum: Joe Thornton accidentally scored last night

This is Classic Jumbo

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at San Jose Sharks Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Joe Thornton scored a goal without actually putting the puck in the net, which in some way fulfills a greater cosmic goal. Let’s break down how this happened exactly.

Okay ... so this is incredible.

So Thornton is unabated to the net here and is taken down which means he literally isn’t even given the option of passing the puck to Joe Pavelski. I assume this is going to eat Thornton up inside. Look at it. Pavelski is practically wide open (by Thornton standards) and Jumbo just can’t pass it.

lmao look at jumbo trying to swipe at the puck so he can pretend that he actually wanted to score here. I love it. You don’t need to lie to us Jumbo. You don’t want to score. We get it. You’re nervous about somehow scoring four times in 1:23 and having to whip it out in front of your family.

Anyway, whatever. Thornton has his first goal of the season and the Sharks swept their homestand. Hell yeah.

The win also means another $10 to Next Door Solutions!