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Fear the Fantasy: Come play fantasy hockey with us

I’m sorry the title for this is so bad.

NHL Stanley Cup Final - Media Day Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

After taking a year off last season, Fear the Fin Fantasy Hockey is back! I’m moving us over to ESPN Fantasy Hockey because I like the interface better — complaints can be sent to Jon Wold. I’ve also tweaked the scoring settings (we’ll use a rotisserie style because that’s the most fair) which you can see in full here.

We’ll be doing 10-team leagues, so I’ll just open as many leagues as we need to make this work. Here’s how the signups will work: Put in your name and email address in the Google Form below by 11:59 p.m. PT on Friday and I will randomly assign you to one of the Fear the Fin Leagues. Each league will have a staff member on board as the league manager.

So... that’s pretty much it! You are more than welcome to complain about how much you hate [insert thing you hate here] but we’re going to stick with this for at least this season and then we can revisit everything next year. I’m also thinking about using this season as a way to create a tiered pro-rel system that we can use over the course of the next few years.