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Joe Thornton is keeping his ‘lifestyle beard’

God bless Jumbo.

2016 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Long after we’re all dead and gone, Joe Thornton’s beard will endure as a beacon of hope and beauty. There was concern, particularly in my house, that the end of the Sharks playoff run would signal the end of the greatest beard of all time.

Those fears were needless, it turns out. Thornton told Fear the Fin staff writer Marcus White that he intends to keep his ‘lifestyle beard,’ a phrase that only Jumbo could utter with such class and grace. Here’s the full tweet:

Thank you God/Jumbo. Now we need confirmation that his Beard Brother, Brent Burns, will be keeping his lifestyle beard as well. My guess is that he will. If that’s the case, the only logical step from here is to get their portraits tattooed on my back, side by side. If someone wants to kick in some cash for that, let me know.

Jumbo forever. And also Jumbo’s beard forever.