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Familiar Faces in New Places: Jamie McGinn

We’ve got a new series examining what some old friends are up to. The first player? Jamie McGinn.

NHL: Arizona Coyotes at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a new, semi-regular series on Fear the Fin, where we examine former Sharks who have joined a new team since they last played against San Jose, and what they’ve done since they left the Sharks. First up: longtime FTF favorite, Jamie McGinn.

Jamie McGinn is no stranger to travel. During his time with the Sharks, he became synonymous with the Worcester Shuttle, as he played at least 25 AHL games with the Worcester Sharks, the team’s former AHL affiliate, in all but one of his seasons in the San Jose organization.

The Sharks traded the 2006 second round pick to the Colorado Avalanche at the 2012 trade deadline for T.J. Galiardi and Daniel Winnik. In Colorado, McGinn found a much more regular role than he had in San Jose, averaging 5:14 more in ice time with the Avalanche.

After spending parts of four seasons in Colorado, McGinn’s once again become familiar with cross-country travel. Over the past year-and-a-half, McGinn’s played in Buffalo, Anaheim, and now Arizona. The Avalanche traded the forward to the Sabres at the 2015 NHL Draft as part of the Ryan O’Reilly trade. At the deadline, the Sabres traded McGinn to the Ducks, where he scored 12 points in 21 games and helped the Ducks win a Pacific Division title.

After being traded three times in five seasons, and starting his career bouncing between the AHL and NHL, McGinn now has some stability. He signed a three-year, $10,000,000 contract with the Coyotes this offseason, and has scored two points in his first three games.

Statistical Profile

As his HERO chart shows, McGinn’s not been a strong possession player in his career. He’s never had higher than 50% CF% or FF%, and has only once posted higher possession numbers relative to his teammates.

Despite this, he’s become a fairly reliable 20-goal scorer over an 82-game season. In the last three seasons he’s played at least 78 NHL games, McGinn’s scored 20, 19, and 22 goals.

From the Archives

Longtime readers will find Jamie McGinn a fitting first player to profile in this season. He was one of the first players the site interviewed, and came to epitomize the ridiculous travel plans of players bouncing between Worcester and San Jose as he tried to establish himself in a regular role.

Above all, he was a favorite around these parts, and was particularly loved by former editors Matthew Taylor and Mr. Plank. Two instances from the archives stand out. Mr. Plank wrote the first, an ode to McGinn’s first goal after a long drought to begin the 2010-11 season, punctuated by this conclusion:

The second is just two words: McGNYAN.

What are your favorite McGinn memories? Share them with us in the comments!